Dr. Panjwani’s article on the transformation of management and treatment of chronic pain was featured in the November issue for Manhasset Living magazine. Dr. Panjwani discusses how she has helped relieve some of her patients from their pain.

In an excerpt from the article, Dr. Panjwani writes:

‘In my 10 years of concentrating on patient pain relief, I have seen a diverse range of conditions including back, neck, joint, and total body pain, as well as fibromyalgia. All these conditions involve very real pain. But with the awareness of neuroplasticity as a major component of pain, we can now take a more expansive approach to treatment. Rather than proceeding directly to medications, injections or surgery, we take a more comprehensive view of each patient. We target treatment at the underlying mechanisms and use evidence-based techniques to “rewire” the brain, calm the nervous system, and reduce systemic inflammation.’

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