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    5.0 Google

    Review from D.B.

    Source: Google | Mar 20, 2024

    Dr. Panjwani is the perfect blend of skill, knowledge and compassion. I came to Dr. Panjwani to try to alleviate pain and taper from medication. My first appointment was 90 minutes long in which she took an extensive medical history and provided me with an explanation for my pain as well as a treatment plan. She has treated me with low level laser (light) therapy and pain reprocessing therapy. My pain is 90% better and I am in the process of tapering medication. I couldn't be happier.

    Review from J.D.

    Source: | Feb 1, 2024

    Excellent results from treatments and understanding of my condition. This provider was understanding of my condition and provided me with all the tools to make my treatment successful. In the process I learned how to avoid the pitfalls of my chronic pain.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Meg R.

    Source: Google | Jan 25, 2024

    Dr. Panjwani is absolutely amazing. Seeing her has transformed my life. I genuinely believe that our minds are incredibly powerful, and she's taught me how to harness that power to cope with my thoughts and diagnoses in a way that no other doctor has. She takes the time to truly understand me, not just as a patient but as a person, and every visit to her office is a breath of fresh air. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're dealing with chronic pain, give Dr. Panjwani a visit and see for yourself what she can do.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Danielle K.

    Source: Google | Dec 9, 2023

    I wanted to wait until the end of my treatment to leave a review but I’ve had such a life altering experience with Dr. Panjwani so far I couldn’t wait. I was given a difficult diagnosis with extreme pain and only 2 sessions in I saw huge improvements. Now after seeing her for less than 2 months the changes we are making not only with my pain but with the way my mind perceives pain is mind blowing to me. She has done more for my mind in weeks what I could never accomplish in over 15 years of therapy. I have always just thought I would suffer with chronic pain my whole life and now I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful to have found her and highly recommend her if you’re in a cycle of chronic pain and want to get out of it.

    Review from M.C.

    Source: | Nov 28, 2023

    Amazing results from Dr. Panjwani's pain reprocessing therapy (PRT). I was diagnosed with severe cervical dystonia not long after having 3 level cervical spine surgery with fusion. I was looking for treatment outside of traditional medicine since there is no cure for it. My functional medicine doctor insisted I see Dr Panjwani stating she will help me. It was the best decision I made. Dr. Panjwani's is at the top of her field in PRT. Her expertise, knowledge, and genuine concern to help people changed my life. I will be forever thankful for having the opportunity to be in her care.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Ruby S.

    Source: Google | Oct 17, 2023

    Dr.Panjwani & her work have been life changing! I am so grateful for her comprehensive mind body approach to endometriosis pain. My pain & quality of life has significantly improved since seeing her. I now feel I know the root cause of my pain and can support it as such. Thank you Dr.Panjwani!!

    Review from Romey S.

    Source: | Oct 12, 2023

    Simply the best in her field. I was experiencing neck, shoulder and lower back pain and visited Dr. Arti Panjwani. Let me start by saying this doctor is very brilliant and addresses the root cause of the pain and does not try to mask the symptoms with medication or provide any sort of temporary relief. She spends her time speaking with you and provides excellent recommendations/advice and any necessary treatment. Thankfully I am pain free now!!! Dr. Panjwani is a gem in her field and I highly recommend her.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Nicole G.

    Source: Google | Aug 21, 2023

    Thankful for finding Dr. Panjwani! Started seeing Dr. Panjwani about 2 months ago for spinal issues and migraines. I have been seeing a variety of doctors and taking different meds for years. I have felt better in the last 2 months than i have in the past 3 years. I am so thankful for all Dr. Panjwani has helped me with & look forward to continue to working with her on alternative approaches to pain management.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Usman A.

    Source: Google | Aug 9, 2023

    I have had a terrific experience with Dr. Panjwani. She is a fantastic Doctor and a wonderful person. Highly recommend!!!

    Review from Jeanne P.

    Source: | Jun 20, 2023

    Life changing. I don’t think words can fully express how grateful I am to be working with Dr Panjwani -but I will try. In less than 2 months time, my debilitating pain is GONE! Along with the treatments, she spends a great deal of time with me, listening and helping guide and support me with all aspects of life including everyday situations. Her whole approach, her genuine and caring personality and her vast medical knowledge is what sets her apart. It is a true doctor/patient partnership and another reason why patients respond so well to her and her approach. I would give way more than 5 stars for Dr. Panjwani if I could! I’m forever grateful.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Shari C.

    Source: Google | Apr 30, 2023

    Dr. Panjwani is the most wonderful, knowledgable, caring and devoted physician. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Her diagnostic skills are phenomenal. She cured my ongoing hip and back pain after introducing me to her extremely effective laser technique. Dr. Panjwani is an expert on curing all types of physical pain and on lifestyle improvements to prevent pain and illness. She is also a very kind and thoughtful person with an impeccable bedside manner. She is constantly doing research, which she shares with her patients, to be up to date on the latest medical advancements in her field and is highly regarded by her colleagues. Dr. Panjwani is at the forefront of her field and lectures and teaches at medical conferences nationwide. I feel very fortunate that I was referred to Dr. Panjwani by a friend who also had an incredible experience with her, after her back pain was completely cured. I give Dr. Panjwani the highest review possible!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Linda G.

    Source: Google | Apr 23, 2023

    Since seeing Dr. Panjwani it has been such a gratifying experience. I came to her on a referral from a patient of mine after describing the pain I was experiencing in many of my joints, my wrist I wanted to get back to playing tennis and I was having anxiety and stress over, not being able to live the life, I wanted to live, I can't tell you how fortunate and grateful I am for the care she has shown me, as well as some of my referral patients that I've sent to her, have raved about their experience. As far as pain management, it has been very successful as far as lifestyle which I didn't expect to a part of the process has changed my life. Thank you so much and I hope everybody has as wonderful an outcome as I have. Thank you so much.
    5.0 Healthgrades

    Review from Miriam L.

    Source: Healthgrades | Jan 9, 2023

    She's a gem! Dr. Panjwani is dedicated to helping me deal with my pain. She thinks outside the box and has a holistic approach to healing that is amazing. Her laser treatments eliminated my back pain and now she's helping me with lifestyle changes so the pain doesn't come back. She is a gifted and compassionate doctor and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in pain. She won't stop until she figures out how to help you!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Melanie B.

    Source: Google | Nov 3, 2022

    Not only is Dr. Panjwani a brilliant, wonderful, compassionate doctor who listens to her patients but she has virtually eliminated my chronic back pain that I have had for almost 3 years. I honestly don't know where I would be without her. I was in daily pain and now I got my life back. I highly recommend her - she is absolutely amazing. She takes her time, listens, cares and is a true healer.

    Review from Janice M.

    Source: | Jun 30, 2022

    Wonderful in all areas! Dr. Panjwani was recommended to me by a friend and I am so thankful I listened. Dr Panjwani is warm and friendly and very easy to talk to. She has a whole person approach to treatment which is extremely rare. She is very thorough and never rushes through a visit/treatment. My pain has drastically subsided. I highly recommend Dr. P to anyone experiencing pain. Her non invasive, drug free treatment, as well as her professional manner, are a home run.

    Review from Julie L.

    Source: | Jun 3, 2022

    So grateful for Dr. Panjwani. I've been seeing Dr. Panjwani for nervous system dysfunction & pain, and have made incredible progress with her help. She is truly a partner in your recovery journey and provides the appropriate tools and knowledge along the way. Dr. Panjwani is very passionate about her work and helping patients, which really makes a difference in the quality of care she provides. She addresses lifestyle and mindfulness in addition to using PBM for healing. I’m still blown away by how cumulative everything is and how she truly understands that small habits add up to shape our overall health. I am so grateful for Dr. Panjwani - she helped me get my life back!

    Review from Tara C.

    Source: | May 22, 2022

    Dr. Arti Panjwani is an excellent doctor. She is a very kind, friendly and caring person. She has helped me tremendously over the past 3 weeks to overcome my physical pain. She listens very carefully and creates a whole body/mind treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Panjwani.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Susan D.

    Source: Google | Dec 8, 2021

    Dr. Panjwani is one of the best doctors that I know! She is so compassionate about her work. She was able to pinpoint and target the areas that needed to be treated. Not only does she treat the problematic areas, she also incorporates a mind body approach that really works. She has a tremendous amount of patience and I will continue to work with her! I give her 5 stars!!

    Review from Peter S.

    Source: | Oct 13, 2021

    Incredible with an outcome beyond my best expectation. I can't say enough about Dr Panjwani and her approach to treating pain. I had spinal surgery 2 years ago and have been receiving epidural cortisone injections every 4 months. I was not getting better, I was just treating the pain with drugs which will have a long term negative implication for me. I want to live a healthier pain free life and was referred to Dr Panjwani by a friend. I have to tell you I was a little skeptical but after only 4 weeks, I am 75% better and believe for the first time in many years that I will live a full, active, and pain free life thanks to Dr Panjwani!!

    Review from Ben M.

    Source: | Sep 22, 2021

    So glad I went there. Refreshing to know that some doctors still truly care and are willing to spend the time with you to get better.

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